Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peterbilt 379 Flatbed Truck With 5 I-Beam

This is relatively new diecast truck which NewRay introduced in 2009 catalog. A Peterbilt Model 379 Flatbed toy truck with Crane and and 5 I Beams on the back of trailer. It is made at 1:32 scale with 18 wheels.

As mentioned above that this toy truck come with a hydraulic crane mounted at back of the cab. The crane is reasonably detailed. It does not have actual hydraulic though it can work manually. One can extend its arm and can hook with the load, etc. Crane also has supporting legs each side of the diecast cab.

Measurements are:

Diecast Cab = 10 inches
Plastic trailer = 15.25 inches
I-Beam = 14.5 inches