Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kawasaki Monster Energy Racing Truck Replica

NewRay released this toy truck is in 2009. The truck is replica of Kenworth T2000 on 1:32 scale with approximate dimensions are 22 x 6 x 3 inches. This released has 22 wheels with the following writings on the trailer side:

Farend side

Monster (written in Gothic fonts)

Near to Cab side

The very lower side it has logo of five different companies.

The link to Kawasaki Monster Energy

The whole truck is done with green and black color with some occasional white stripes. The truck does not come with the bike. However NewRay released another set with different UPC number which contains both truck and the bike. Off course the version with the bike is higher in price.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peterbilt 379 Flatbed Truck With 5 I-Beam

This is relatively new diecast truck which NewRay introduced in 2009 catalog. A Peterbilt Model 379 Flatbed toy truck with Crane and and 5 I Beams on the back of trailer. It is made at 1:32 scale with 18 wheels.

As mentioned above that this toy truck come with a hydraulic crane mounted at back of the cab. The crane is reasonably detailed. It does not have actual hydraulic though it can work manually. One can extend its arm and can hook with the load, etc. Crane also has supporting legs each side of the diecast cab.

Measurements are:

Diecast Cab = 10 inches
Plastic trailer = 15.25 inches
I-Beam = 14.5 inches

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chrome Shop Mafia Trucks

This is a series of diecast trucks issued by NewRay to replicate real life trucks customized by "Chrome Shop Mafia" during TV reality show "Trick My Truck".

So Far, NewRay has released 6 versions of these toy trucks. See the pictures below:

CSM Truckin USA- Perterbilt 379 model diecast truck

CSM Mafia Machine- Peterbilt 379 model diecast truck

CSM Extinguisher - KenWorth W900 diecast truck

CSM Fast Lane - KenWorth W900 diecast truck

CSM High Style - KenWorth W900 diecast truck

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Freightliner Century Class S/T-

Today, I am going to review Freightliner Century Class S/T with Mount Rushmore Theme. This diecast truck is made at 1:32 scale by NewRay HK. Please check the measurement below. This Freightliner Century Class comes with 18 wheels. 10 wheels with the cab and 8 wheels with the trailer. As shown in the picture, the cab has sleeper cell with 4 window on each side and one window at the top. However, only the top window is see through while side windows are just an etched window-like-frame .

You can open both doors of the cab to see the interior. I have to say the interior has quite a finish in black. With two seats, dashboard and a steering wheel. A gear shift can also be seen between the seats. Unlike other diecast trucks, you can not open the trunk.

Apart from this, the diecast truck has very good details including chrome color wheels and stepping platforms. The trailer is made of high impact plastic and can be opened from the back. The two doors of the trailer opens side wide.

A big imprinted decal on the trailer is showing Sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, respectively. The monument represent the first 150 years of the history of the United States- in case some of us do not remember history from the Junior high. Also shown a insignia of South Dakota.

Recently, Newray made just one change in 2009 version of this diecast truck. The imprinted decal has now background of American Flag which goes up to the roof of the trailer. Here is the picture of new version of Mount Rushmore toy truck.

Approximate Measurements:

  • The full truck including the trailer: 22.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Diecast Cab : 10 x 5 x 3.5 inches
  • The toy truck trailer (High impact Plastic) : 15 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peterbilt 379 Grain Trailer WIth Sleeper Cell

This Peterbilt 379 diecast truck comes in silver color. Every thing is silver colored except the cover of the grain trailer which is black. Newray used to make this toy truck in two other colors as well: White and Green, but for some reasons these colors are not being manufactured anymore. The sleeper cell cab is 10 inches long. The whole truck is around 22 inches in length.

The grain trailer has two outlets at the middle to drain out the grains. The outlets are workable meaning they can be open and close at will.

Here is a short clip:

1949 Peterbilt 380 Model Diecast Truck

The very striking thing I noted about this diecast truck is its old rugged look- as it was sitting on my table -while still attached in the confinement of inner packaging-I can not ignore to appreciate its sleek design and miniature body with its one exhaust pipe and a head light on each side of the bumper. The Orange color of the cab is also giving a pleasing contrast with its white roof.

The cab is built in a way which provides a true feeling of old truck body with thick metal sheet. The sleek nose of the cab is far stretched, I guess in those time, engines were thin and long.

The trailer is made of plastic and has the color of green. I think, they tried to make the trailer looks like wood which is painted in green with wood-grains-like-effect on the flatbed surface.

The trailer also has 6 hay bales load on the flatbed. The bales are removable. One thing I really missed is that the doors of the cab are not open able.
  • Approximate length of the truck is 15 inches, from front of the cab to back of the trailer.
  • Exact length of the cab (only) is 6.25 inches.
  • Exact length of the Trailer (only) is 11 inches.
  • Exact length of the gift box is 18 inches- (in case you want to know)
  • The diecast truck has 18 wheels - 1 inch in diameter.
  • Scale 1:43
  • Made by Newray HK

Monday, August 31, 2009

Diecast Trucks Scales for Dummies

"How big this truck is?" Almost, we receive this question every day dozen of times. We all have difficulty to understand the relation between a scale and the true measurement of any diecast trucks. Today, I am trying to elaborate how scale works with diecast trucks.

1) First thing First: Higher the number, smaller the truck is. So a toy truck built at 1:32 scale is bigger than 1:43 scale truck, ultimately 1:43 scale is bigger than 1:64 scale diecast truck. Check the picture below: Showing three aligned diecast trucks are standing with thier respective scales.

Below is an ineqality equation for some popular diecast truck's scale:

1:32 > 1:43 > 1:50 > 1:58 > 1:64 > 1:87

2) Two different diecast replicas, having same scale, may not necessarily have the same measurements. Like Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla in real life have different measurements , so is true with their replica at same scale.

3) When you read a scale, it has to be read in a correct manner. Such as 1:32 scale will read as "One Is To Thirty two", and NOT as "one thirty two". One One can also write the same scale as 1/32 scale, which will read as "One By Thirty two" or "One over Thirty Two". It would be misleading if 1:32 scale reads as 132 scale. As it would implies a replica which is 132 time smaller than its real counterpart. Remember that scale is a proportion so it must be shown or read in ratio and not otherwise.