Thursday, September 10, 2009

1949 Peterbilt 380 Model Diecast Truck

The very striking thing I noted about this diecast truck is its old rugged look- as it was sitting on my table -while still attached in the confinement of inner packaging-I can not ignore to appreciate its sleek design and miniature body with its one exhaust pipe and a head light on each side of the bumper. The Orange color of the cab is also giving a pleasing contrast with its white roof.

The cab is built in a way which provides a true feeling of old truck body with thick metal sheet. The sleek nose of the cab is far stretched, I guess in those time, engines were thin and long.

The trailer is made of plastic and has the color of green. I think, they tried to make the trailer looks like wood which is painted in green with wood-grains-like-effect on the flatbed surface.

The trailer also has 6 hay bales load on the flatbed. The bales are removable. One thing I really missed is that the doors of the cab are not open able.
  • Approximate length of the truck is 15 inches, from front of the cab to back of the trailer.
  • Exact length of the cab (only) is 6.25 inches.
  • Exact length of the Trailer (only) is 11 inches.
  • Exact length of the gift box is 18 inches- (in case you want to know)
  • The diecast truck has 18 wheels - 1 inch in diameter.
  • Scale 1:43
  • Made by Newray HK

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