Monday, August 31, 2009

Diecast Trucks Scales for Dummies

"How big this truck is?" Almost, we receive this question every day dozen of times. We all have difficulty to understand the relation between a scale and the true measurement of any diecast trucks. Today, I am trying to elaborate how scale works with diecast trucks.

1) First thing First: Higher the number, smaller the truck is. So a toy truck built at 1:32 scale is bigger than 1:43 scale truck, ultimately 1:43 scale is bigger than 1:64 scale diecast truck. Check the picture below: Showing three aligned diecast trucks are standing with thier respective scales.

Below is an ineqality equation for some popular diecast truck's scale:

1:32 > 1:43 > 1:50 > 1:58 > 1:64 > 1:87

2) Two different diecast replicas, having same scale, may not necessarily have the same measurements. Like Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla in real life have different measurements , so is true with their replica at same scale.

3) When you read a scale, it has to be read in a correct manner. Such as 1:32 scale will read as "One Is To Thirty two", and NOT as "one thirty two". One One can also write the same scale as 1/32 scale, which will read as "One By Thirty two" or "One over Thirty Two". It would be misleading if 1:32 scale reads as 132 scale. As it would implies a replica which is 132 time smaller than its real counterpart. Remember that scale is a proportion so it must be shown or read in ratio and not otherwise.

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